Nothing equals the feeling of leading impactful change. We all have the desire to use our unique gifts for change, and the best way to achieve this is in our professional lives. But it's not happening for most people. 

This is bad. It’s wrong. We spend more hours working than on anything else. If those hours aren’t used making positive change in our own way, life is miserable. There is no middle ground here; work is either a factor in our happiness or a factor in our misery.

megadisrupter is here to spur individual contributors and managers to lead breakthrough change in their organizations. This is a place that fosters the type of disruptive actions that help people outperform their peers, move ahead in their career path and reap the compensation rewards that go with it.

To be clear, this is not about starting a company – it is about being a disruptive engine of change while working for someone else. Startups are certainly disruptive forces that make us better, however this space is all about disruption inside our existing organizations. Specific focus will be placed on:

  • Job Hunting – finding the right place to be and winning the job
  • Intrapreneurship – making your company and customers better through leadership and change
  • Selling – dominating competitors through disruptive solution design
  • Hiring & Managing – finding and leading a team of disruptive leaders

Visit often for daily updates - let's make this community thrive! Input and debate are encouraged from all. Guest writers are slated to come aboard in the future, and submitted original content will soon be accepted for publication consideration.

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