Rock Out

Comedians are funny, but the best ones are also wise. In the You Must Rock segment of his album Uncool, Greg Behrendt correctly extols the wisdom of living life like a rock star even if you're a mortgage banker or barista. A great question to ask yourself is, "Am I a rock star?" Sure, you're a business analyst, but are you a rock star business analyst? In other words: you do what you do, but are you the best at what you do?

Many people have disruptive ideas. They want to share them, have them rallied around and see them come to fruition. But if you are not a rock star, why should anyone listen to you? To be a megadisrupter, you must first be a rock star.

How do you get there? Being a rock star is all about your output. Whether you are a consultant, salesperson or starting out in the mailroom, it is the value of your output to your organization and customers that determines your rock star status. If your output is so good that your customer feels guilty for how little they pay you, you are there. There are many more posts to come on how to rock out.

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