Have a Dead-End Job? You’re a Dead-End Person

Most people are not working at the place that is going to give them the fulfillment they are looking for, and a very significant number of employees do not have a promising career path inside of their current organization. But as far as career growth is concerned, it doesn't matter.

All jobs, regardless of prospects for upward mobility, serve as a vehicle for you to become a rock star, to lead your peers, and create value through disruptive change. The moment you believe you are in a dead-end job, you believe that the only value you can derive from it is your paycheck and that this will never change. If you believe this, then you can’t rock, lead or disrupt. You’re a dead-end person.

Being a dead-end person is a career killer. If you’re just picking up a paycheck, you aren’t building your legacy of value. You have no success stories. You can’t build your narrative because you have no idea who you are or what you’re good at. If you are not building your narrative and collecting success stories to back it up, you have no chance to beat your competition in the job market for the position you want. You are headed for one of three outcomes:

  1. You job hunt, but don’t win, continuing to toil in misery
  2. You job hunt, but don’t win and are eventually laid off because even if you’ve done what you’re supposed to, you have low value
  3. You job hunt, win a new position and within a short amount of time believe that you are once again in a dead-end job

Forget about whether or not you have a chance at being promoted or getting a raise at your current company – stop being a dead-end person and build your legacy of value now.

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