Job Hunting: Your Approach

Right now countless job seekers are flinging their resume at any and every job posting they find on job boards, getting ignored at very high rates of speed. If you are serious about not only winning a job but winning the job, then your hunt is not about exploring every option out there. It is about focus. You need to focus on:

  1. Who you are: take time to understand what you’re good at and what you love to do
  2. Where you belong: research and get to know organizations that have cultures and goals that match who you are
  3. Winning a position at a place you belong

The common practice of sprucing up your résumé and submitting it to dozens or hundreds of job postings feels productive, but it is the most counterproductive approach that can be taken. It is the primary reason so many people remain unemployed even though there are so many openings. Desperation and panic can cause you to latch on to anything you can find, but it’s the wrong move. Employers these days will keep the position empty rather than hire someone who isn’t a great fit.

But what’s great is that they will pay really well for a stellar fit. That stellar fit can be you, but you have to stop browsing openings and put the work in on knowing yourself and finding where you belong.

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