Job Hunting: You are the Prize

There are many job hunters today and many of them are feeling desperate. Desperation can hit anyone, regardless of pedigree or past success. It hits us when we aren’t connected to something meaningful. The more we try to connect and then fail, the more hopeless and desperate we become. It is no mystery why people with a strong support structure and diverse interests are less impacted by negative events like job loss: they are connected in other ways.

Regardless of how connected you are to other people and things, though, failing repeatedly at job hunting delivers a desperation punch on some level and it will feed on itself and lead to more failure. When you’re desperate, you will take anything and this comes through loud and clear to recruiters and people you try to network with. Hiring managers? You probably aren’t even getting to talk to any of them anymore.

What you need to remember is you have no reason to be desperate, even if you have been failing. There are a handful of roles out there at great companies where you are prized. You’re the candidate they are rejecting all the others for. All you have to do is stop applying for every job you see and find these. Know who you are, target only a very few opportunities and dominate your competition; then it will be the hiring managers who are desperate, not you.

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