Disruptive Selling: One Problem, One Service

The natural disposition of most salespeople hunting for new logos is a desire to offer the world to their prospects. Hunters work hard to establish contact with C-level executives. Unfortunately, when they land that phone call or email exchange, they usually never win a first appointment. This is because the most common approach in asking for a first appointment with an executive is for the salesperson to give a corporate capabilities presentation to the prospect. This is not something that anyone in the customer's c-suite wants to spend their time doing. They are spending large amounts of time on their own company, and the thought of sitting through a one-hour presentation on every service another company offers is repulsive to them.

They won't do it.

The good news is that executives do want to solve problems at their company with the help of vendors. However, breaking through to them requires that you narrow it down. Here's how:

  1. Learn about the customer's top problem or initiative: Research recent events (e.g. M&A, expansion, cost reduction initiatives, etc.). Read annual reports and attend investor conference calls. Be in tune with what the prospect organization is trying to achieve.
  2. Select one service / product in your portfolio that solves that problem or aligns with that initiative: Somewhere in your company's portfolio, there is a great fit that will help the prospect solve their problem or make their initiative successful. Find it and develop a plan for how it would work for them.
  3. Get back in touch with that executive who turned you down and tell them you have one idea that will help with their top problem / initiative: You will get this meeting because you are now a consultative resource with value to their organization.

So stop trying to force feed your company's entire portfolio to others and follow this mantra: one problem, one service.

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