Disruptive Selling: Give Away Your Secrets

Your irrational fear of giving away too much solution information to your prospects before they buy from you is hurting you, not helping. The customer is not:

  • going to take your ideas and try to implement them on their own
  • more compelled to buy to get access to the information you are withholding
  • going to give your blueprint to your competitor they favor for them to implement

The truth is that the customer:

  • needs your compelling information to justify making a change
  • partners with suppliers it trusts to execute their solutions the best by managing change risk, hitting benefit targets and continuously improving
  • trusts suppliers who disclose more of their secrets
  • distrusts suppliers who hide information or play tactical games

Share everything about your solutions with your prospects. Help them achieve their goals by being consultative without fear of being taken to the cleaners. What you will find is a reciprocal information exchange that will help you win business.

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