New Website Design

Welcome to the new megadisrupter site! There have been quite a few changes, and there will be more forthcoming. Here is what you will notice and can expect:

  • Audio Interviews. Disrupters and innovation thought leaders from around the world will be interviewed, with audio posted in the Interviews section.
  • Long Form Posting. megadisrupter will be going deeper into the hottest topics of innovation and personal development. Posts of 500 words or less will still be the norm, with long form posts coming on an ad hoc basis to address specific topics.
  • Look & Feel. The aesthetic, navigation and layout are greatly improved. Give it a test drive!
  • Comments Now with DISQUS. DISQUS is a vast improvement over the previous commenting application. The only downside is that comments on old posts are now gone. Time to start new discussions!


2014 Blog Enhancement – Friday Q&A

I am very excited to announce that megadisrupter will feature a reader question & answer posting each Friday going forward. This is something that many have suggested since the blog started up, and it is a great idea! I will answer one or two of the best questions and comments submitted each week directly on the blog, giving credit to the submitter with first name and last initial.

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